Mastercard (NYSE:MA) has entered an agreement to acquire Dynamic Yield, a state-of-the-art personalization platform and decision engine company, from McDonald’s.

The Dynamic Yield technology is a natural addition to Mastercard’s existing service portfolio helping brands deliver more effective and trusted experiences. The platform delivers individualized product recommendations, offers and content through analysis of past purchases, page views, trending products and more. The platform uses AI to support over 400 brands in retail, finance, travel and restaurant industries.

McDonald’s perviously purchased Dynamic Yield in 2019 and since has doubled the firm’s revenue and expanded its customer base across verticals.

”The notion of going into a store or opening a webpage to find an experience perfectly tailored to you is no longer farfetched,” stated Raj Seshadri, president of data & services, Mastercard. “It’s a reality that more brands are deploying and more consumers expect. With Dynamic Yield’s expertise and our scale and relationships, we’ll be able to bring the connections between the end consumer and our customers to new heights,”