PDQ.com, a provider of IT asset management software, has acquired SmartDeploy, a provider of remote computer management. The deal enhances PDQ’s value proposition to a broader IT community through device management.

SmartDeploy manages Windows devices offline, on-premises, or through the cloud for any computing environment. The firm’s professionals manage drivers, applications, patches and scripting through the firm’s single-image management and patented device driver injection technology.

PDQ is a provider of Windows software deployment and inventory reporting for 20,000 organizations using its software management platforms, PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory. Going forward, the combined firm will support additional stages of a device’s lifestyle and add over 3,000 new customers.

“We’re fortunate to team up with SmartDeploy,” stated Jaren Nichols, CRO of PDQ.com. “Our customers passionately endorse SmartDeploy’s imaging capabilities. Internally, we love it. The combination of PDQ and SmartDeploy should prove even more convenient for sysadmins. We’re thrilled to welcome SmartDeploy’s team and customers into the PDQ family.”