Osceola Capital, a Tampa-based private equity firm, has formed Flotilla Partners, a provider of water treatment and testing services for residential and commercial customers in Florida and the southeast.

Flotilla focuses on the maintenance, repair, testing and installation of water filtration, water softening, well water pumps and filtration, and water heating systems. The company has also completed its first three strategic partnerships: Aquaflow, Filter Pure and Land O’ Lakes Water Treatment. These businesses aim to provide water treatment services and equipment to residential and commercial customers across central and western Florida. Flotilla was launched in partnership with Walter Conner, operating partner and Flotilla CEO.

“Flotilla will fill a critical gap in the home water treatment solutions industry – a scaled, super-regional platform specifically focused on the water treatment market with professionalized technology, processes and corporate infrastructure,” says Patrick Watkins, partner at Osceola Capital. “We are actively looking for acquisitions and partnerships in the sector to provide a better and broader suite of solutions and growth opportunities to customers, suppliers and employees.”