Max Solutions Inc., a differentiated specialty packaging platform, has formed a joint venture with PaperFoam BV. Max Solutions was founded in November of 2021 and is supported by funding from Jefferson Capital Partners Ltd.

The partnership is intended to leverage PaperFoam’s U.S.-based manufacturing facility to increase sales of compostable sustainable packaging within the North American Market. PaperFoam offers eco-friendly packaging services within cosmetics, electronics, food, gardening, and medical verticals. The firm provides its services thanks to its patented manufacturing processes.

“PaperFoam produces a unique product based on its patented injection molding manufacturing process,” stated Marc Shore, CEO of Max Solutions. “As we continue to grow Max Solutions, our partnership with PaperFoam will allow us to introduce their technology and products to a wide array of Max Solutions’ customer base.”

“We believe this new joint venture is the perfect vehicle to continue introducing our products to the North American markets,” commented Willem Derkman, CEO of PaperFoam BV. “Marc and Dennis (Kaltman) have expertise and experiences in the North American markets that are unique. We very much look forward to a long and successful partnership with Max Solutions.”