Dynata, a first-party data platform, has acquired Optimus Analytics, an AI and machine learning data science and technology platform. Optimus’ proprietary platform connects, models and transforms insights into activation at scale in real time.

The deal will allow Dynata’s data to be immediately more actionable and connects it with trusted second and third party data seamlessly. Dyanata’s data services are used to enable clients to create, understand and activate custom audiences and measure effectiveness of its advertising.

“We believe that understanding the real behaviors and true motivations of real people is the foundation of marketing success,” said Scott Tranter, founder and CEO of Optimus Analytics. “We help clients understand who their real customer is and then target them for maximum engagement.”

“The addition of Optimus’ capabilities reinforces our commitment to helping our clients to not only uncover insights, but also activate these insights, measure results, and ultimately drive growth,” commented Gary Laben, CEO of Dynata.