Deliverect, a company that works to integrate and drive online orders for restaurants, has bought ChatFood, a social media ordering, order-and-pay-at-table and loyalty services company.

ChatFood serves more than 3,000 food service locations in the Gulf region. Together, Deliverect and ChatFood serve over 43,000 restaurants and food service businesses around the world and power over 300 million orders in 42 markets. The deal aims to provide the restaurant industry with a service to enable growth and experiences, including social, dine-in QR and direct channel ordering, as well as online food delivery. With the addition of ChatFood, Deliverect will offer customers a digital service that works to drive value for in-restaurant dining and online delivery experiences. ChatFood co-founders, Benjamin Mouflard and Vini Rodrigues, will remain with Deliverect, leading further growth and expansion.

“With ChatFood, we now provide a 360-degree solution inspired by the challenges our customers face, supporting them both with in-restaurant dining and online food delivery,” says Zhong Xu, CEO and co-founder of Deliverect.