Alpine Investors, a private equity firm, and its data software business service, Predictis, have partnered with Ethisphere, a company focused on defining and labeling the standards of ethical business practices

Ethisphere helps companies strengthen their integrity practices through data, tools and expertise, aiming to take the concept of integrity and improve its structure. The partnership with Alpine works to support Ethisphere in helping companies improve their ethics, governance and integrity practices, as well as partnering with companies globally.

“We are excited to partner with Ethisphere,” says Jean-Marc Levy, CEO of Predictis. “We are committed to unleashing the transformational power of data and furthering Ethisphere’s mission of solving the biggest social and governance challenges businesses face today by helping workplaces across the globe for the better. We will support Ethisphere by promoting proper business ethics and practices, investing in Ethisphere’s employees and supporting its growing global customer base across innovative platforms.”

Evercore served as financial advisor to Ethisphere.