Volta, an electric vehicle charging network, has partnered with the Michigan Office of Future Mobility and Electrification and DTE Energy. Michigan’s OFME and DTE are funding the use of Volta’s PredictEV software to identify locations within underserved areas.

Volta is an electric vehicle charging network powering vehicles and commerce. Volta’s vision is to build EV charging networks that capitalize on the shift from combustion-powered miles to electric miles by placing stations where consumers live, work, and shop. This marks Volta’s sixth agreement with an investor-owned electric power utility and second with a state agency to support the deployment of EV charging infrastructure.

DTE Energy is a diversified energy company involved in developing and managing energy businesses and services. Its operating units include an electric company serving 2.3 million customers in Southeast Michigan and a natural gas company serving 1.3 million customers in Michigan.

“The transition to electric mobility should benefit everyone. This program is squarely targeted at improving equitable access to EV charging infrastructure in Michigan, and it leverages the unique strengths of DTE, Volta, and the State of Michigan, together,” said Drew Bennett, executive vice president of network operations at Volta. “We are proud to partner with the OFME to bring more Volta stations to Michigan in areas where they will make the most impact.”