KPM Analytics, a scientific instrumentation provider and a Union Park Capital portfolio company, has acquired Smart Vision Works, an artificial intelligence technology company offering computer vision systems for agriculture and food industries.

Smart Vision Works systems sort products by size and defect, allowing the defective items to be removed from the line. The system is able to detect foreign material whether it’s plastic, cardboard, indigenous materials, metal or hair. Smart Vision Works’ AI technology looks to be used by food companies aiming to drive efficiency and quality.

“With this acquisition, KPM Analytics has significantly enhanced our vision inspection portfolio with new AI technologies,” says Brian Mitchell, KPM Analytics CEO. “The addition of Smart Vision Works to our existing Sightline Process Controls and Eye Pro System machine vision businesses allows us to provide additional data and technologies for our customers to leverage in their production processes. We strongly believe that the advanced AI capabilities within Smart Vision Works will advance our offerings across all of the end markets we serve.”