InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc., who operates in the Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Technology sector, has bought 100% of Hearing Assist II LLC.

Hearing Assist is Walmart‘s largest hearing aid supplier, selling over 500,000 products to 400,000 customers. Its products are currently sold in over 750 Walmarts. The firm offers a variety of rechargeable hearing aids, TV listening devices and hearing aid accessories.

InnerScope is a manufacturer and distributor of hearing related products combined with its recent acquisition of iHear Medical Inc., now how hopes to further strengthen its competitive edge with the acquisition of Hearing Assist.

“InnerScope and its management team are excited about the Acquisition of HearingAssist,” said Matthew Moore, president of InnerScope. “The Acquisition will leverage our combined expertise and resources to accelerate our business development to the next level. InnerScope’s management team has strived to build a company that can compete with the “Big-Five” global manufactures, which control 98% of all hearing aids sold of the $10+ billion-dollar market.”