Deer Park Road Management Co. has launched the Deer Park Home Opportunity Fund LP in connection with Point‘s Home Equity Investment origination platform.

Deer Park provides investors with investment funds to meet their objectives, including a hedge fund, a daily liquidity mutual fund, and separately managed accounts. Deer Park Road Management Co. is an alternative asset management firm with $4.8 billion of assets under management. Point is a home equity platform that allows homeowners can unlock their home equity.

“Deer Park is thrilled to partner with Point to launch the Deer Park Home Opportunity Fund. Combining Deer Park’s methodical, rigorous process used to analyze collateral in the RMBS and CMBS sectors with Point’s innovative digital finance platform will enable the Fund to execute a differentiated approach to originating and investing in HEIs,” said Scott Burg, managing partner at Deer Park. “The Fund provides investors a unique way to align their interests with homeowners, gain exposure to future residential home price appreciation and invest in an asset class that has historically proved difficult for institutional investors to access.”