Argos Health, a provider of complex claims services to healthcare providers and portfolio company of Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, has merged with EnableComp.

Argos works with hospitals, health systems, and physician groups to increase revenue recovery across a variety of claims. EnableComp is a provider of worker’s compensation, veteran affairs and complex claims processing services. The firm makes use of its proprietary software Enforcer360 to serve over 800 healthcare facilities.

“We are excited about the merger with EnableComp, which solidifies Argos as the clear market leader in complex claims solutions,” commented Brent McCarty, CEO of Argos Health. “Our differentiated expertise in complex claims recovery generates a high return on investment for our clients. We strive to continuously enrich the breadth and caliber of our offerings, and we believe the combined scale and capabilities of Argos Health and EnableComp will enhance our ability to serve our customers.”

“We are thrilled to partner with the Argos team and to leverage WCAS’ deep experience working with health systems to support the company’s growth,” noted Caroline Dechert, Principal at WCAS. “By facilitating efficient claims processing, Argos ensures providers are paid fairly for their services and patients are protected from improper bills, while enabling providers to re-invest in care delivery.”