Weaveworks, the GitOps company, has acquired policy as code startup Magalix. The acquisition will further Weaveworks’ goal of automating Kubernetes application and infrastructure operations.

Maglaix focuses on security-as-code for teams running cloud-native applications. Specializing in applying the DevOps mindset with codified security through policy lifecycle management, enforcement, and actionable insights, it helps consumers control and enforce policies to scale their applications. It uses the same declarative approach as Kubernetes, making its transaction with Weaveworks an opportunity for Weaveworks to offer customers better security within the DevOps workflow.

“We are seeing an increase in customers who run a zero-trust security model turning to GitOps to bring DevOps to cloud-native application development and IT operations,” said Mohamed Ahmed, founder, and CEO of Magalix. “Similar to how DevOps disrupted infrastructure management, we believe that integrating security into GitOps pipelines brings considerable agility and speed, preventing errors and protecting against attacks that could shut down the entire platform. Imagine securing your platforms 100 times faster with very high confidence while evolving them. Weaveworks and Magalix share that joint mission to make it easy to innovate fast without jeopardizing security and stability.”