SS8 Networks, a provider of lawful intercept and monitoring center platforms today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of Bivio Networks Inc. Bivio is a developer of network security platforms for federal and commercial network operators.

“The acquisition of Bivio complements our existing strategy to rapidly innovate our Xcipio family of products,” said Keith Bhatia, CEO of SS8 Networks. “SS8 has been a pioneer in mediation, monitoring and data fusion solutions for communication service providers and law enforcement agencies. The investment in Bivio demonstrates our dedication to security through visibility for our customers and strengthens our products in preparation for the advancements brought by new network requirements.”

“Bivio has worked tirelessly to deliver advanced cyber security applications that help provide network intelligence,” said Elan Amir, executive chairman, Bivio Networks. “SS8, with its global lawful intelligence interception and analysis platforms is a good match for our technology and I am very excited to see our work continue to scale and expand.”