Riveter Capital, a private equity firm focused on investing in women and minority led companies, has purchased Healthy Lunch Box, Inc.

Healthy Lunch Box, Inc. is a food service provider of high-quality meals to both children and adults. The firm focuses on cafeteria-style meals to charter schools, clinics, adult-care centers and more.

Healthy Lunch’s largest client base, charter schools, have increased in popularity during the pandemic to nearly 9% growth in Texas, the firm’s base of operations. The firm intends to take advantage of the increased demand and continue supporting communities struggling with food insecurity.

“Healthy Lunch Box has established itself as a trusted partner to schools and other organizations for serving nutritious meals and snacks, and we look forward to leveraging Riveter’s resources and deep experience in the industry to further grow the company in the years to come,” said Healthy Lunch founder Theresa Barajas. “Throughout my career, I have been passionate about empowering and supporting other women, and Riveter’s mission and thesis truly resonated with me and differentiated them.”