Novaria Group, an aerospace and defense specialty hardware manufacturer has acquired Advanced Coating, a surface enhancement and protection technology provider. This is Novaria’s fourth acquisition this year.

Advanced Coating provides Parylene conformal coating services to the military, avionics, high-risk electronics and medical devices. The hope is that this acquisition will provide additional resources and continued growth in the market, and it will continue to be based in California after the acquisition.

“The addition of Advanced Coating is another big step in the continued evolution of our business model,” Novaria CEO Bryan Perkins said. “The technology that seals and protects critical system components from hazardous and harsh environments is vital to aerospace and defense, which makes Advanced Coating a natural fit for the Novaria family.”

“What Advanced Coating does goes hand-in-hand with what Novaria does,” Advanced Coating president Steve Doltar added. “With its experience and dedication to partnering with innovators in the marketplace, Novaria is the right choice to help author Advanced Coating’s next chapter.”