Micross Components, a provider of microelectronic products and services for aerospace, defense, space, medical, energy, industrial and other applications, has acquired KCB Solutions, a radio frequency and microwave product company.

KCB, a privately-held company and portfolio investment of Artemis Capital Partners, is located in Shirley, Mass. The company focuses on manufacturing products for applications in the space, aerospace and strategic defense end markets. The acquisition looks to expand Micross’ product portfolio.

“The acquisition of KCB Solutions will greatly expand Micross’ proprietary portfolio of high-reliability RF and microwave products, which will enhance overall product performance and reduce supply chain risk for the benefit of our customers,” comments Vincent Buffa, chairman and CEO of Micross. “In addition, Micross will leverage the capabilities of its design, packaging, and test services to provide our RF and microwave customers with greater value from our ‘one source-one solution’ business model that will provide them with the most advanced microelectronic solutions available.”