MedSpa Partners Inc., an acquirer of medical aesthetics clinics, has bought Ageless Medical to expand the firm’s medical aesthetics platform.

Ageless Medical combines research-proven technologies with impeccable customer service to provide a platform that has served thousands of patients for 15 years. As part of the deal, Erin and Vic Owoc and their team will join the MedSpa platform.

“I am so pleased to welcome Erin, Vic, and the rest of their outstanding team to MedSpa Partners,” said MSP CEO Dominic Mazzone. “Erin and Vic have spent considerable time refining the perfect blend of outcome-focused approach combined with optimized business operations that we rarely see in the industry. The proof that it’s working is evident with the consistently glowing reviews from patients about the Ageless team’s dedication to creating a Michelin Star experience every day. Ageless Medical is the first location for MSP in Florida, and we look forward to working with Erin and Vic to welcome other like-minded clinics in the state to the MSP platform.”