Kroll, a provider of services and digital products related to governance, risk and transparency, has acquired Redscan, a cyber security services provider based in the United Kingdom. With the addition of Redscan and its extended detection and response enabled security operations center platform, Kroll expects to grow its Kroll Responder capabilities to support a wider array of cloud and on-premise telemetry sources.

Jason Smolanoff, managing director and global leader of cyber risk at Kroll, said, “Detecting and responding to cyber threats can be an overwhelming challenge for any size company—most lack adequate tools, skills and staff to quickly triage and confidently respond. We’ve built Kroll Responder to instantly augment their capability with elite investigators and threat intelligence, and the Redscan acquisition will enable us to become even more efficient and ingest a wider variety of data sources to deliver even greater visibility and assurance.”

Mike Fenton, CEO of Redscan added, “Merging Redscan’s innovative culture and leading managed security services with Kroll’s unparalleled incident response experience and end-to-end cyber risk management capabilities allows us to provide a unique global offering. This combination will build fantastic value for our clients, who will benefit from a global team of world-class seasoned experts monitoring their environments and an expanded platform to grow our proprietary technology capabilities.”