Florida Food Products has bought T-Bev, a manufacturer and distributor of tea extracts, from Swander Pace Capital.

T-Bev creates formulations for the food and beverage and dietary supplements industries, supplying tea, natural and organic caffeine and other ingredients to businesses looking to utilize clean-label ingredients. The Firm is a manufacturer and distributor of natural and organic caffeine and botanical extracts.

Florida Food Products creates and manufactures fruit and vegetable-based concentrates, tea, coffee, and herbal extracts and flavors used across the food, beverage, and pet nutrition industries.

“We’ve been able to build on the T-Bev legacy with the successful launch of several exciting new growth opportunities over the last year,” said Daniel Muth, executive chairman of T-Bev. “Additionally, our ability to partner with and leverage the Swander Pace portfolio was integral for the success of the T-Bev investment.”