Copley Equity Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm, has completed a full buyout of Perkins Biomedical Services.

The investment will be used to assist Perkins in building a market-leading laboratory equipment service business. The deal represents a platform investment for Copley as the firm enters the laboratory equipment service industry.

“Perkins is excited to be partnering with Copley Equity Partners who brings extensive experience working with family-owned businesses in the healthcare industry,” added Shane Perkins, owner of Perkins Biomedical. “Copley will help Perkins continue to grow while providing exceptional service to its customers.”

“Perkins plays a mission-critical role in the clinical laboratory sector which they service,” commented Matthew DiFrancesco, senior associate at Copley. “We’re excited to help facilitate their continued growth, as well as strengthen efforts to identify, and integrate, additional leading laboratory equipment service businesses as part of this platform investment.”