BetterVet, a mobile veterinary care startup, has acquired Vets Here, a mobile veterinary care provider.

Vets Here offers mobile veterinary care and will join BetterVet’s strategy of providing a spectrum of “at-home” veterinary services. The purchase will expand the combined firm’s reach across Southern California while also expanding its app-based scheduling, logistics, and service offerings.

“This has been a more personal, convenient, and humane way to care for pets and their owners for quite a while,” commented Dr. Autumn Fanning, BetterVet founder and CEO. “Sticking animals in boxes, driving them in traffic, sometimes for longer distances, all so your pet can be in fear and confusion in an unfamiliar place…that’s not only traumatic for the animal but for owners as well. We have worked for twelve years to eliminate that type of experience, long before Covid presented a more at-home care focus.”