Phressia has acquired Insignia Health, LLC, a mission-oriented company dedicated to improving health outcomes through patient activation. The deal is a natural extension of the firm’s commitment in enabling patients to become active participants in their care.

Insiginia will bring its exclusive worldwide license for the Patient Activation Measure, a gold standard of patient activation measures and supported by over 700 peer-reviewed studies, created by a team led by Dr. Judith Hibbard at University of Oregon. PAM is used to improve risk identification, guide patient support and evaluate impact as a patient reported outcome measure.

“When we first created PAM, we wanted to provide clinicians with a tool to quickly and easily understand a patient’s ability to self-manage their healthcare, so they could individualize their approach and better engage their patients through tailored, incremental changes,” said Dr. Judith Hibbard, professor emerita at University of Oregon’s Health Policy Research Group.

“Phreesia’s expertise in empowering patients to gain more control over their health and care experience through technology was hugely appealing to us,” said Chris Delaney, co-founder of Insignia Health. “The number of patients we can reach in a single week through Phreesia’s platform would otherwise take us months. We’re thrilled with this opportunity to dramatically expand PAM’s reach and to help so many more patients become more successful managers of their health.”