Nolan Capital, Inc., has acquired a majority stake ownership in Coastal Farm & Ranch, a ranch and country lifestyle retailer in the Northwest. Buzz Wheeler, the owner of Coastal will maintain a minority ownership stake while CEO Lori McKinnon will remain in her role.

The deal will identify new opportunities for growth and investment for Coastal and its leadership. The firm has a footprint in Washington and Oregon and is positioned to serve a growing customer base of farm and ranch operators, lifestyle shoppers, outdoor enthusiasts and pet owners.

“Building Coastal Farm & Ranch into the company it is today has been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life, and I am proud of our support for Northwest communities,” said Wheeler. “This decision was made with the utmost care for my family, our employees and the company’s future. We are transitioning Coastal from one West Coast family to another, and I am confident that the business is set up for continued success with Lori and Nolan Capital.”

“Coastal’s growth and resiliency is a testament to the team, culture and operation that Buzz has created,” added Peter Nolan, chairman of Nolan Capital. “Lori also excels in her multi-faceted leadership role and we trust that with her heading up operations, the company is in a strong position for continued success. With the collective knowledge, expertise and resources of our partnership, we can grow Coastal into one of the leading retail brands on the West Coast.”