Grant Avenue Capital LLC, a healthcare-focused private equity firm, has launched Helios Clinical Research, a clinical site organization that partners with patients, physicians and biopharma sponsors to support clinical research.

Helios operates 20 clinical research sites that focus on vaccines, metabolic, urology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, dermatology, oncology and general medicine across four states. The sites support patients by educating and providing them with a setting to participate in clinical research as a care option, as well as physicians by working to improve the clinical research process to help them focus on optimal patient care and data collection. The company looks to expand its footprint through the U.S. over time.

“We are launching Helios at a time when the need for a centralized solution to accelerate clinical research has never been greater,” states Preston Brice, partner at Grant Avenue. “By building Helios with best-in-class companies and bringing together individuals we view as the most talented and accomplished in the industry, we believe we are well positioned to deliver a highly optimized solution to patients, physicians, and sponsors.”

Lincoln International LLC acted as the financial advisor to Grant Avenue on the formation of Helios.