Boyne Capital, a Florida-based private equity firm, and Breakwater North LLC, a private investment and advisory firm, have formed Integral Energy Services, a clean energy and infrastructure services business.

IES is comprised of Sonic Systems, International Wind and Amperion, employing more than 1,000 technicians serving multiple clean energy verticals including nuclear, wind, solar and battery storage assets throughout the U.S. and internationally. IES’ workforce partners with OEMs, utilities and asset owners.

“We believe that IES is well-positioned to support the clean energy transition, serving a diverse set of assets across the nuclear, wind, battery storage and solar sectors,” states Derek McDowell, Boyne managing partner and CEO. “With up to $3 trillion of clean energy investment expected over the next decade driven by the Inflation Reduction Act, there is a clear need to bolster the current clean energy services supply chain to ensure that new and existing assets are properly constructed, maintained and optimized.”