American Battery Solutions, a manufacturer of advanced battery systems for electrified mobility, has acquired the complete IP portfolio of Tiveni Inc., a battery systems innovator founded and led by original Tesla founder and CEO Martin Eberhard.

The technologies developed by Tiveni focus on a systems-level approach to the EV battery, including slide-in modular battery architecture, unique contact plate design, high-speed laser welding manufacturing, and battery management system and algorithms. The addition of Tiveni-developed technologies will accelerate ABS’ deployment of EV batteries. The deal also includes a patent portfolio protecting the cost, density, and safety advantages included in Tiveni’s designs.

“We are excited to add Tiveni’s battery module system technologies to our own ABS battery module design, including the functional, safety, and cost improvements inherent in the Tiveni technologies and design,” says Subhash Dhar, ABS founder, Chairman & CEO. “Along with our significant existing IP, this acquisition positions ABS IP portfolio at the forefront in relation to major industry players using cylindrical cell battery systems.”