Halstatt Real Estate Partners, a women-owned real estate private equity firm, has announced a capital commitment to fund its purchase of Stillwell Jerome, located in Jerome Village of Columbus, Ohio.

Developed by Coastal Ridge Real Estate, Stillwell Jerome will have 230 single-family residences within Jerome Village, a 1,00-acre community. It aims to provide tenants with the low maintenance and flexibility of apartment renting with the benefits of single-family living. This project marks the third build-for-rent development joint venture with Coastal Ridge Real Estate.

“Halstatt is well underway executing on a robust pipeline of build-for-rent development opportunities and is excited for this project in Jerome Village, located in Columbus, Ohio. As an early mover within the sector, we are pleased that this property will bring our active construction pipeline to over 1,000 units,” says Steve Iannaccone, principal at Halstatt Real Estate Partners. “Our conviction in build-for-rent as a housing attainability strategy has been strengthened as a result of recent macroeconomic events and we look forward to continued participation within the segment.”