Techniks Tool Group, a manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) tooling products in North America and a portfolio company of Z Capital Group LLC, has purchased Eppinger Group, a German-based designer and manufacturer of static and live tools, CNC (computerized numerical control) tooling systems, rotary tables for CNC machines and gears and gearboxes for robotics applications.

Founded in 1925, Eppinger is a mechanical engineering company in the field of development and production of tool holders, specifically for CNC turning and milling centers and gears. Eppinger has three manufacturing and distribution facilities located in Germany, India and the U.S. The company holds relationships with machine shops, machine OEMs and robot manufacturers in Europe and Asia. The combined business will be named Eppinger Technologies and looks to expand its product offering of services to cover both milling and lathe CNC machines.

“This transaction will enhance our global positioning and provide us with a broader platform, expanded manufacturing and distribution channels, and a wider customer set from which to grow,” states Dean Glover, CEO of TTG.