Yamaha Motor Corp. USA, has purchased Siren Marine, a manufacturer of marine-based IoT services, through its subsidiary Yamaha Marine Systems Company. The deal follows Yamaha’s previous minority investment in the firm.

Siren Marine is a provider of smart boat technology that allows its customers to stay connected to their boats anywhere and at anytime. The firm provides safety, security, and smart boat monitoring to remotely track battery level, bilge activity, temperature, location and more.

The acquisition follows Yamaha’s CASE strategy, connected, autonomous, shared/service and electrification. This is Yamaha’s directional theme for product development and is being integrated into Yamaha products.

“By joining the Yamaha team, we now have the ability and power to give customers the best Connected Boat experiences on the market,” said Siren Marine CEO Jeffrey Poole. “We look forward to our future as part of the Yamaha family. The products we develop together will deliver unmatched reliability coupled with integrated, innovative power systems propelling the marine industry into the future.”