Tiger Global has lead$50 million in Series B funding in Nacelle, a headless commerce technology business.

Nacelle empowers commerce business and technology leaders to compose headless solutions quickly with low risk, by providing a single unified GraphQL API layer that accelerates both access to backend systems and shopping experiences. By providing performant, out-of-the-box integrations with popular commerce platforms, storefronts, CMS, PIMs and more, frontend developers can focus on creating experiences that differentiate their brand in today’s experience economy. Brands begin their journey to composable commerce by using their existing tech stack while abstracting the complexity of the API layer. Built for scale, Nacelle is a purpose-built event driven system that enables connected systems to receive real time updates to changes in state from all upstream services.

“Brands are turning to headless commerce to accelerate their pace of innovation and create unique and compelling online shopping experiences,” said Brian Andersen, CEO and founder of Nacelle. “Yet we’ve seen even the most creative combination of content and commerce get bogged down with slow-loading storefronts, long development cycles, and spaghetti code implementations. Smart commerce leaders are getting ahead of the headless curve by focusing on performance, developer productivity, and simplifying the adoption of best-of-breed, modern technology.”

“We went headless with Nacelle in order to better serve our customers with a fast, modern PWA and to empower our development team through adopting a modern tech stack,” says Albert Chong, VP of digital at ILIA Beauty. “We believe that the flexibility to swap out platforms and choose what tools would bring the best customer experience for our brand is important, and the Nacelle platform allows us to do that

“Nacelle is poised to meet the demand it’s getting from customers on a wide variety of platforms and to continue to set the bar for the composable future.” Steven Kramer, board member and former EVP of Hybris, said. “Even the most innovative Heads of Commerce and CTOs don’t want to walk away from their tech-stack entirely or want to leverage investments already made in other core systems. Nacelle provides a low-risk path to headless commerce adoption while enabling speed, scale, flexibility and future-proofing.”