Concentra Analytics Ltd, an analytics technology firm and creators of Orgvue, an enterprise organizational design and planning platform, has acquired Dynaplan.

Dynaplan is a Swiss-Norwegian software and services provider of strategic workforce planning. The deal is a continued investment by Concentra to develop a best-in-class analytics software for large companies and management consultancies in order to build more adaptive organizations.

The combined entity of Orgvue and Dynaplan will work to use data visualization and modeling to build better performing companies.

“Dynaplan’s technology is a sandbox for simulating possible decisions with “data from the future” providing a new kind of input to decision-making,” commented Magne Myrtveit, executive partner at Dynaplan. “Through the integration into orgvue, customers will be getting access to technology that covers strategy on top of planning and organizational design.”

“Together we reinforce our clients’ ability to shape the future workforce and generate business impact,” added Kai Berendes, executive partner at Dynaplan. “Our combined solutions offer an efficient and effective technology for bridging a challenging gap for most organizations: the gap between strategy and people.”