QuestionPro, an online survey and research services company, has acquired SuiteCX, a customer experience and journey mapping services provider.

SuiteCX’s services include support for design-based innovation, brainstorming, customer experience visualization, customization, persona support, collaboration and sharing, diagnostics, storytelling and prioritization. The combination of the companies looks to create a “full-stack customer experience” service that offers capabilities across the lifecycle of the customer experience including workflows to manage the inner and outer loops. SuiteCX will integrate into QuestionPro’s CX group as an operating subsidiary and maintain its separate name and brand.

“All too often brands invest the time and effort to perfect the customer experience and customer journey in theory, only to have reality interfere,” comments Ken Peterson, president of QuestionPro CX. “The integration of SuiteCX into QuestionPro will make it easy for CX professionals to not only create that perfect map but then see what is actually happening in practice along with the insights and tools to make the necessary changes.”