Verseon International Corp., a drug design and development company, has purchased Edammo Inc., a predictive analytics technology provider for businesses and private persons.

Edammo serves multiple industries, including medicine and the life sciences. Edammo’s team has developed the Extreme AutoML service, which aims to be faster and more precise than traditional data mining. According to Verseon, Edammo’s approach to AI has a lower error rate than other similar external industry services.

 “We are pleased that Verseon determined our Extreme AutoML will enhance the machine-learning components of Verseon’s platform,” comments Ed Ratner, Edammo’s CEO. “While it’s useful in many different settings, applying Edammo’s technology to help develop critical new medicines is a highly rewarding opportunity to improve billions of lives around the world.”

 “As we continue to expand Verseon’s capabilities through both in-house development and strategic acquisitions, Edammo’s AI technology will be an excellent addition to our platform,” says Adityo Prakash, Verseon co-founder and CEO.