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Healthcare Industry Can Expect Growth
The healthcare market is extremely robust with growth of about 5.8 percent expected until 2015, says Brian Miller, a managing partner with Linden Capital Partners. MILLER: Extremely robust. The CMS just recently re-projected growth up to about 5.8% through 2025. For the industry as a whole, you’ve got a multi-trillion dollar business growing, almost 6% […]
September 28
Some Healthcare Sectors More Favorable for Investment
Reimbursement light, consumer facing healthcare companies offer investors upside, says J.R. Davis, a Managing Partner with Blue Sea Capital. DAVIS: They’re pretty expensive ones. I think it at the same time deals where folks have a high degree of conviction and I think the only way to have a high degree of conviction in a […]
September 28
Healthcare Investing Remains Competitive
Healthcare companies are trading at an all time high. Healthcare tourists that don’t focus on healthcare investing are driving the prices up, says Jonathan Lewis, a Managing Partner with Sheridan Capital Partners. LEWIS: There are still a lot of tailwinds that are positive to celebrate. One is the fact that we have a very good […]
September 28