Mergers & Acquisitions names the 2021 PE Innovators in ESG, including, Long Ridge Equity Partners.

Long Ridge Equity Partners’ investment strategy has long focused on technology that helps advance ESG functions in enterprises within the firm’s core financial and business technology verticals, explains principal Andrew Cedar. Active and exited investments, including Browz, Avetta, ProcessUnity, and Oritain, provide solutions for employee health and safety, supply chain transparency, ethical raw materials sourcing, and human and labor rights protection.

Andrew Cedar, Principal, Long Ridge Equity Partners

Active investment sourcing themes additionally include climate risk and data analytics, ESG and impact-driven asset management, and compliance training software.

Additionally, Long Ridge incorporates ESG principles in positioning its portfolio companies for sustainable growth and success. The firm actively engages with its executives and advisors to assess ESG impact, appoint diverse board directors and senior managers, and encourage governance practices in-line with socially conscious corporate behavior (e.g. inclusive hiring, customer and employee privacy protection, cyber risk mitigation, and appropriate board oversight).

In February, Long Ridge became an ILPA DIA signatory, signaling a commitment to undertaking and promoting DEI actions across talent and investment management and industry engagement. Long Ridge additionally serves as a member of an ILPA working group focused on refining data capture and DEI metrics.

Long Ridge has prioritized enhancing the diversity of its employee base. As such, the firm has added HBCUs and all-women’s colleges to its recruiting pipeline and engaged in introductory dialogue with partner networks such as SEO, Toigo, Girls Who Invest, Wave, HBCUvc, and Out4Business.