The new year is here, but some of the same major economic issues from 2021 still persist. Supply chain is one of them, and private equity firms are looking for businesses that will help mitigate the backlog.

On Monday, Littlejohn said it acquired Magnate Worldwide, a supply management and logistics services company. The target operates under two brands: Masterpiece International and TrumpCard.

Masterpiece offers customs brokerage and international logistics services. TrumpCard is a provider of logistics services focusing on the transportation of high-value and time-sensitive shipments across the healthcare, aerospace, entertainment, and electronics industries.

Labor shortages are adding to mounting global supply chain problems. There is a massive truck driver shortage plaguing the logistics industry and there is no single solution in sight to fix it anytime soon. Any transportation company that has an established fleet with drivers will be attractive to buyers. For example, in November, AIT Worldwide Logistics acquired Select Express & Logistics. Select has access to more than 1,100 drivers which will minimize supply chain constraints.

“Global and domestic supply chains are becoming increasingly dynamic and MWW is able to help its customers manage this increasing complexity through its combination of a broad premium logistics offering,” says Littlejohn managing director Ed Feeley.

Whenever there is an industrywide problem, it creates business opportunities, and those businesses will always attract buyers.

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– Demitri Diakantonis