Headquartered in New York City, TriSpan focuses on lower and middle-market buyouts and growth investments in North America and Europe. The private equity firm, which also has an office in London, has 32 full time employees and 25 operating partners. It invests out of two committed funds, alongside significant deal by deal co-investments.

How has your firm adjusted its workplace environment and policies in a post-pandemic world?

Since the return to office, TriSpan has strongly focused on company culture. While most companies downsized offices because of the shift to remote and hybrid work, TriSpan moved into a larger and more modern office to provide a space that encourages team members to come into the office and interact with one another.

In addition, the company launched monthly social events for team members to form bonds and interact outside of the office environment. The firm is organizing an offsite in October where the whole company will fly out to London during which time all team members will be able to strengthen cross continent relationships.

The company has also launched a transatlantic mentorship program between seniors and juniors to reinforce team cohesion across offices and promote team building. Every junior has a designated senior that acts as a mentor through meetings and continuous interactions. This fosters a top-down and bottom-up feedback culture allowing both seniors to provide advice and guidance for career development and juniors to voice their thoughts, ideas and questions on matters that transcend the workplace walls.

Have you changed any policies toward in-person, virtual and hybrid work arrangements?

Although TriSpan upgraded offices in New York, the firm did not ignore the widespread shift to remote work. During the course of the year, the gradual return to the office was done in phases, with phase one consisting of two days from the office and three days remote, phase two consisting of three days in office and two days remote, and the final and current phase consisting of four days in office and one day remote.

This has been taken very positively by employees, with the policy enabling better work life balance, increasing flexibility and allowing them to save costs among other benefits.

In addition, TriSpan allowed all team members to work remotely from anywhere in the world during the month of August. This has increased morale across the board with employees being able to spend August with their families with no negative impact on productivity, and employees returning to office in September highly refreshed.

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