Gary Krauthamer
Founding partner
Gary Krauthamer is the founding Partner of executive search and advisory firm Krauthamer & Associates.
Todd Dorfman
Senior managing partner
Todd Dorfman is the senior managing partner and the private equity practice leader at Krauthamer & Associates.

The pandemic and the growing social justice movement have spurred significant change across societal, regulatory and investment landscapes. The private equity world is taking notice.

Pandemic shutdowns have caused us all to slow down and spend time reflecting on life. Cries of systemic inequalities and looming environmental crisis have been amplified and are now on the radars of key stakeholders. The investment community and regulatory bodies are signaling it is time for change on these fronts and are implementing more impactful policies.

The new private equity portfolio CEO must be battle tested with the grit and agility to lead through unpredictable events, balanced with the empathy and authenticity to transform the workplace culture. Their toolbox must have depth in managing around Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI), and digital transformation.