Describe a recent accomplishment.
In 2019, I invested in Junk King (a leading junk removal franchisor), Smart Sign (safety and compliance ecommerce company), and Senreve (luxury DTC accessories brand). To round out the management teams, we recruited and hired Mondy Herndon as CEO of Jolyn and Lisa Merry at COO of Junk King.

How are you a champion for change?
One of my portfolio companies Kendra Scott has always had a pillar of Philanthropy (the company three core pillars are Fashion, Family & Philanthropy). This year we instituted the Kendra Scott Institute for Women’s Leadership at the University of Texas. I am thrilled to be part of an organization leading the charge in making change by the donations and involvement at the university level to cultivate young female leaders for generations to come. In addition, investing in Jolyn December 2018 was the beginning of a journey this past year in empowering young women to be all that they can be as athletes and leaders. Via Jolyn, we have focused on giving back to local community swim teams with financial donations and involvement making sure young athletes all have an equity chance to participate and compete with the help of scholarships and travel funds. We look forward to continuing our efforts into 2020!