What’s new?
Investing in the education and training markets has grown more complex, and the way that we do business today is different from the way we did business in the past. In December, we launched our new brand – Avathon Capital – signaling to others that we were embracing a more holistic view of what it means to succeed. Avathon stands for bringing people together to make a lasting impact. No different from the entrepreneurs we support, going through this process took courage and conviction. Change is scary, but it’s also exciting and liberating!

How are you advancing the state of women?
As co-chair of the Illinois Venture Capital Association’s initiative aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion, we were able to raise awareness and money in support of an undergraduate internship program that matches aspiring female and minority students with participating VC and PE firms in Chicago. Further as a host firm, we were able to watch in awe as our very own Gen Z intern contributed to our investment process, showing us the importance of not just being a mentor but being mentored, too!