Describe a recent accomplishment.
My team was successful in our goal of expanding our consumer M&A from primarily restaurants and food/beverage to include more lifestyle and wellness clients and transactions. We’ve seen numerous new deals in the fitness vertical, and these have allowed us to draw on some key assets: experience with multi-unit franchise transactions; expertise in helping franchisors and private equity investors see eye-to-eye; and my personal passion for health and wellness. We launched an initiative that’s investing heavily in process improvement and project management for our group. The goal is to bring more structure around staffing decisions and ensure our early-career lawyers and other professionals all receive challenging and appropriate assignments.

How are you a champion for change?
Through a female CEO client, I was lucky enough to be introduced to the work of ZGirls, which uses sports programs to empower young girls with confidence, positive body image, and courage. It’s a very accomplished organization founded by former Olympic and NCAA athletes and we’ve started serving as their pro bono counsel. ZGirls is developing the female leaders of the future.