How are you advancing the state of women?
I am a senior sponsor of Riverside’s diversity and inclusion committee. Among several activities, we held breakfasts in New York and San Francisco for young women wishing to learn more about private equity. I also give advice to any woman thinking about a career in finance or who is starting her own fund. This year, I have provided advice to several startup funds, and it’s a great pleasure to see this happening. I am also amazed by the number of “Dads” who ask me to talk with their daughters. Just being present and willing makes a big difference.

Tell us more about you.
I sit on the National Humanities Center Board and am Vice Chairman of the Keenan Institute for Ethics Board at Duke. The common denominator between these two organizations is a desire to provide mechanisms and safe places for civilized debate, a difficult task in our current environment. But only through a clear ability to communicate and a willingness to understand deeply can we tackle dilemmas like the ethics of emerging technology. As we think about investments in our world, understanding the broad implications is critical.