How are you a champion for change?
In addition to M&A, I oversee New Business Ventures and Advanced Analytics. In this group we have three goals. (1) Explore new business models and technologies that are disrupting industries, (2) explore strategic initiatives we believe are rewarding, and (3) leverage data and advanced analytics to deliver meaningful solutions for our customers and create efficiencies across the company. We had success in early exploration of Blockchain, new payment modalities for emerging industries, transportation mobility, advanced insights in fleet and healthcare and efficiency gains in our customer operations groups.

How are you advancing the state of women?
I am committed to the development of women in payments and technology. I encourage the hiring and promotion of strong female talent. I have elevated multiple women into director-level positions at Wex. Two focuses for me have been building relationships with female professionals and being a mentor through [email protected], our employee resource group, which serves as a voice for women in the workplace, facilitates professional development and fosters supportive and productive ties.