What’s new?
Retail is changing at a pace never seen before, and this year, we represented Wacoal Intl., a global giant in intimate apparel, in its acquisition of digitally native brand Lively, a deal that validates our overall view of digital talent and supply chain strength. Our investment thesis for Wacoal, a prestigious Japanese public company focused on long-term growth, was that it should acquire a young growth-oriented business. Yet the targets we approached did not initially welcome our overture, as they did not believe we could properly value their venture- and private capital-backed businesses. We needed to spend much of our time educating all sides on the valuation metrics and strategic value of different business models, particularly the relatively intangible value of an online community of followers. In addition, my own recent deals include the sale of the Camuto Group to Designer Brands and Authentic Brands Group and Shanghai Shenda’s acquisition of Perfect Fit.

How are you advancing the state of women?
I am the only female banker at our firm, and this year, I started attending more female-only and other industry events. I am currently co –founding a deal-oriented platform to provide thought leadership and networking opportunities specifically to celebrate senior women in the consumer and retail sectors.