How are you a champion for change?
I am fortunate to have often been the “first of something” in my career. I was the first person hired in a new financial planning and analysis position at an aerospace manufacturer. I joined 22 days before 9/11, which sent a shockwave that reshaped our industry and country. I was the first female CFO in Sifco’s 100-year history. I am the first female partner at Rockwood. A great network of smart, supportive people has helped me navigate my “firsts.”

Tell us more about you.
I continue to learn more about biomimicry, both as Vice Chairman of Great Lakes Biomimicry and through working on biomimicry-related initiatives for my daughter’s foundation, the Caroline Kramer Faust Foundation. Biomimicry looks to nature to drive innovation and solve human problems, so it is often done in a less resource-intensive, sustainable way. For example, shark skin naturally repels bacteria, so designing products based on its structure is an alternative to chemicals in medical settings. For me, becoming a “biomimic” has influenced my approach to problem solving and opened my eyes to new resources, which I can, in turn, share with others.