Describe a recent accomplishment.
I was the lead on advising Protect My Car, a founder-led company, on its sale to Crestview Capital. This is the type of deal that is in the sweet spot for Colonnade. We often work with founders of established entities on a majority sale. We focus on financial and business services, and one of our deep knowledge verticals is auto finance and insurance. We brought transaction expertise in the financials and operations in a complicated industry, extensive investor relationships, and one of the most informed views on valuation. Our focus and expertise resulted in a successful transaction.

What’s new?
We have become more efficient and effective through our investments in technology and process improvements.

How are you advancing the state of women?
I am very proud that half of the Colonnade Advisors’ team is female. This is by design. Industry-wide, an estimated one in four analyst positions and only 17 percent of senior leadership roles are filled by women, according to Catalyst. We start engaging with women while they are still in college to give them more transparency into the industry. To date, over half of our interns have been female.