Describe a recent accomplishment.
My firm recently represented Wenzel Associates, a defense electronics company, in its sale to BEI Precision Systems. I had been providing financial and strategic advice to the woman owner for over a decade. It was gratifying to represent such an accomplished woman entrepreneur, especially as I have represented only a handful of women sellers in my career. After the deal closed, my client expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the honest counsel and helpful support I provided over the years. Her gratitude was better than any financial remuneration I received.

How are you advancing the state of women?
I joined the governing board of Off The Record (OTR), the oldest women’s foreign policy forum in the U.S. Like banking, foreign affairs has historically been a field dominated by men. OTR was established in 1938 to give women a greater voice in foreign policy discussions, and I am proud to play a part in continuing this important tradition. However, I believe that my real contribution in helping women in the field is on an individual level. M&A advisory work is essentially a relationship business. The greatest impact we senior women can make in promoting junior women is at the individual relationship level.