“The way I think about diversity and inclusion is that it has to be a little bit more encompassing than that, meaning that I think of it in the context of talent management,” says José E. Feliciano, co-founder, managing partner, Clearlake Capital Group, one of Merger & Acquisitions’ 2021 PE Leaders in DEI.

“I can’t think of any example where we say at Clearlake that we want to exclude 10 percent, 20 percent, 50 percent of the available resources. We start out by saying we want to look at the whole pool, the broadest and most comprehensive set of candidates, set of resources. And that’s the way we have thought, from the very beginning of the firm, about talent and about diversity and inclusion.” For more of Feliciano’s conversation with Mary Kathleen Flynn, Editor-in Chief, Mergers & Acquisitions, watch the video above.

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