“We were probably among the earliest in our part of the industry; we formed our Inclusion & Diversity Council in 2014, so we’ve been at it for a number of years,” said Suzanne Donohoe, partner, global head of strategic growth; co-chair, inclusion and diversity council, KKR & Co. “It really was formed at the top of our firm. Henry Kravis and George Roberts, our co-founders, came to a group of senior folks and said, ‘This matters; we think we could be doing a much better job; and we’d like your help driving it.’ It’s been a strategic priority since the beginning. We’ve done things to marshal resources and create a lot of energy across the firm, including things like unconscious bias training and a successor to that, which was about manager effectiveness.”

Donohoe points out that Kerryann Benjamin recently joined KKR as managing director, chief diversity officer and head of talent development. “She is a very experienced person in this space, who’s come to us from Goldman Sachs. We have the opportunity to keep improving and keep learning on ways we can create an even more inclusive culture. We still view ourselves as in early innings on this journey.”

The interview was conducted by Senior Reporter Brandon Zero.

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